Vela is one of the 3 constellations that make up the Argo Navis.
The other 2 constellations are Carina and Puppis, Carina being
the keel of the ship and puppis being the poop deck. Vela is the
sail of the ship.

The actual story of Argo is from the story of Jason and the
Argonauts. As the story goes, Jason's father was the king of
Iolcus until his brother, Peliasm usurped the throne and
imprisoned him. Jason challenged the take-over the throne
and his Uncle gave him a difficult task, to sail to Culcus
to steal a golden fleece. Asking for help from Zeus, Jason
has received a group of demi-gods known as the argonauts.
The argonauts were named after their ship, the Argo. This
ship is the boat that Jason and the Argonauts used to set sail
on their adventure.