Ψ (psi) velorum

Psi velorum is a binary star on the southernmost point
of the constellation. Psi A and Psi B is estimated to be
61 light years away from Earth and is the third closest
star in the constellation. They both orbit each other
with an eccentricity of 0.81. Psi Vel A is hotter than
Vel B where A is 7400K and B is 7130K. Even with this
difference, they are both F-Type Subgiants.

I, Roland Charles Thomenius-Stearns propose the name Thomenius for the Stars. This star has not been studied signifigantly and
never had been named other than Psi Velorum. Because I have dedicated 2 weeks on studying this constellation and its stars
and therfore should deserve to name this after my first last name. I would like to suggest every Astonomy teacher to refer to Psi Vel A
as Thomenius A and Psi Vel B as Thomenius B.