So who is this

"Roland Thomenius- Stearns"?

About Me

My name is Roland Thomenius- Stearns and I thank you for stopping by my website. So here is a little bit about myself. I graduated high school in 2020 and (at the time I am writing this) I am pursuing higher education at CNM community college and transferring to New Mexico Tech University. I am a big computer geek, enjoying Electronic Engineering as well as Computer Science. I am hoping to get a bachelor’s in EE when I get to university and a major in CS. Anyway, here is my projects and stuff I am working on. All will be freely downloaded projects. (As of June 2020) Other than that, I have a Fiverr set up for script reading. Something just for fun.

Here's my contact info:

General E-Mail: rolandthomenius@gmail.com

Business E-Mail: rolandthomenius@yahoo.com

Phone: (505) 369-6081